Our Rooms

We have 2 indoor spaces here at Little Explorers. We use our spaces flexible to really focus on our children’s learning and developmental stages.

Explorers our smallest room, in here we usually have our youngest children. We have lots of comfortable areas, with space for children to explore, use their imagination and discover new things.

In Adventurers we usually have our older children. Here we provide new challenges that seek to excite and engage our children. We focus the resources on their interests, but also offer different opportunities to widen their experiences. In our large activity room we are able to create a continually changing learning and play space. We enhance our children’s experiences by providing a large dedicated space for them to further develop themes and ideas started within Explorers and Adventurers.

We have a fantastic outdoor space here at Little Explorers. We really love to spend as much time as possible outside, enjoying the sand, water and most importantly mud! Here we can run, jump and play, using all of our senses to explore and learn.