Lunch is £3.30/day and you can see our 2-week menu below

  Monday Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit  Tuna pasta   Fruit cocktail     Yoghurt  and fruit 
  Tuesday Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit   Chicken burgers and Salad  Strawberry mousse   Yoghurt And fruit 
 Wednesday Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit   Chicken curry, rice and naan bread  Doughnuts  Yoghurt And fruit 
 Thursday Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit   Roast dinner 
 Vanilla cake 
 Yoghurt And fruit 
 Friday  Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit   
Fish fingers, mashed potato and beans        Ice cream and berries                        
  Yoghurt And fruit 
  Monday Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit   Soft cheese and ham wraps          Swiss roll  Yoghurt And fruit 
  Tuesday Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit   Jacket potato, cheese and beans  Chocolate mousse  Yoghurt And fruit 
 Wednesday Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit   Pasta Bolognese and garlic bread  Fruity muffin    Yoghurt And fruit 
 Thursday Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit    Veggie all day breakfast  
Eton Mess  
  Yoghurt And fruit 
  Friday Choice of cereals  Toast/Fruit   Pizza, chips and tomato sauce   Ice lolly          Yoghurt And fruit